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Are you looking for a luxury Industrial Plots for your business? Let us show you a new address which is above the current market in Noida. The name of the project is Great Value Industrial Plots in Greater Noida new launch project by Great Value a real estate company in India. Property Located in Surajpur Greater Noida. The biggest investment so far is in commercial property which is coming in the name of Industrial Park in which you will get better job opportunities.

Details Of Great Value Industrial Plots Greater Noida Places!

The new residential plots in Greater Noida (Industrial Park) being developed for gives more job opportunity. Pallavi Gupta, the Director of Great Value, announced that the company has successfully bought 204-acre industrial plots in Surajpur, Greater Noida, through an auction. The acquisition cost approximately Rs 359 crore. Great Value goal for this plot is to convert it into a high-quality industrial park, which will require a total expenditure of approximately Rs 1,500 crore. This investment confirms the company's dedication to establishing the finest industrial area in the region of Noida, thus contributing to area economic growth and creating employment opportunities.

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A Great Investment By Great Value Over Rs 1500 Crore!

Great Value is a real estate developer. They are known for their expertise in acquiring land and developing properties for various purposes. The company has invested a amount of Rs 1500 crore (Indian Rupees) in this project. This is a big investment which indicates their dedication to the development of this New Launch Project in Greater Noida (industrial park). Moreover, the area of land is in Surajpur, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, a northern Indian state famous for its industrial and commercial development. The area of land where the industrial park being built was once home manufacturing plant belonging to the South Korean automobile maker Daewoo Motors. This indicates that the land previously used for industrial purposes.

Why Is The Industrial Park Being Built By Shakuntalam Landcraft?

The purpose of this Great Value Industrial plots Surajpur is to provide space and facilities for more than 600 micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). This industrial park expected to generate employment opportunities. Under this project you will get 25000 job opportunities, So, this job is classified according to direct and indirect options. They can include roles within the park's companies as well as jobs opportunity in the surrounding area. Moreover, the information comes from a PTI (Press Trust of India) And all the details which was reported by a senior representative of the corporation or group in charge of the industrial park. said - Great Value Director Pallavi Gupta.

Development Timeline:-

The development of the industrial park expected to take two years. This suggests that construction and infrastructure development will be completed within this time frame.


The industrial park will offer a range of amenities, which are likely to enhance its attractiveness to businesses. So, these amenities include:

Paved Roads:-

The presence of paved roads indicates that the park will have good transportation infrastructure, which is crucial for the movement of goods and services.

Underground Electricity Distribution:-

Underground electricity distribution is a modern and reliable way of supplying power to businesses within the park, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Secure Gated Campus:-

A secure gated campus implies controlled access, which can enhance safety and security within the industrial park.

CCTV Surveillance:-

CCTV surveillance further enhances security by providing continuous monitoring and recording of activities within the park.

24/7 Security:-

The provision of 24/7 security personnel suggests a commitment to maintaining a safe environment for businesses.

Maintenance Services:-

Other maintenance services may include landscaping, waste management, and infrastructure upkeep to ensure a well-maintained industrial environment.

Economic Impact:-

Pallavi Gupta projected that the 600 MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) within the industrial park could produce goods worth Rs 50,000 crore. So, this indicates the potential economic value that these businesses can generate.

Job Opportunity:-

Great Value Industrial Plots Greater Noida expected to contribute new employment opportunity in Noida. Pallavi Gupta estimated that it could create both direct and indirect job opportunities for a total of 25,000 individuals in the vicinity. The development of the industrial park not only focused on providing infrastructure but also on fostering economic growth and job opportunities in the region.

Location Map

Lovcation Connectivity of Surajpur, Greater Noida!

Surajpur well-connected to corporate hubs in Greater Noida and Noida Extension, with many businesses and industrial areas nearby.

It is in proximity to the IT and software parks in Noida and Greater Noida, making it accessible for IT professionals.

The nearest metro station is the Noida Metro, which connects Surajpur to the Delhi Metro network. So, the exact distance would depend on your specific location in Surajpur.

The nearest railway station is the Dadri Railway Station, which is around 20-25 kilometers away from Surajpur.

Surajpur has a well-developed network of public buses and auto-rickshaws for local transportation. So, it also has good road connectivity to nearby areas and Delhi.

Great Value New Project In Greater Noida (Industrial Park) Property History!

In 1980, these plots initially given to DCM Toyota, but in 1990. This project transferred to the South Korean company Daewoo Motors. In 2008, these plots purchased by Pan India. So, they couldn't pay the full amount, leading to a legal case they lost in 2016 at the Bombay High Court. In 2018, the building and machinery on the plot sold as scrap. After 10 unsuccessful auctions, So, these plots eventually acquired by Great Value named Great Value Industrial Plots Surajpur Greater Noida.

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